Original Comic Book Series

An android pilot named Maeve Osauran has rebooted from a disastrous accident. She repurposes what is left of her ship into a rocket bike named crotch rocket and travels the galaxy getting into trouble.

A cerebral space story set in a utopian future. Certain people have the ability to infuse their consciousness into multiple empty bodies at once. They use the bodies as managers of the most important projects humanity undertakes. Pierce Auberon is about to connect with his fifth and final body to help coordinate Earth’s greatest achievement the SAPIEN space continent.
A Tengu demon lives in the mountains above a thriving village in feudal Japan. After coming into contact with a young servant woman, its terrible essence is spread causing untold horror in the region that threatens to ravage the entire world.
An ancient Celtic warrior defeats the army of the demon queen Agrona. He is rewarded with godlike power after drinking a goblet of her blood. He single handedly terrorizes the armies of the world sending their bodies to the grave and their blood to Agrona.

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